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Do they bumble becuase of incompetence or is it deliberate by design (and just following the wishes of policymakers):

For the first known attempt on blowing up the World Trade Center: C.I.A. Officers Played Role In Sheik Visas -


"The New York Times reported the CIA had approved the visa application for Abdel-Rahman, who had supported the anti-Soviet mujahedin in Afghanistan during the 1980s."


On blowback:


The need to bomb and cause mayhem in non-white countries:

On the secret wars of the CIA:


On creating genocide in Indonesia to overthrow the government:


The "Secret War" in Laos where the CIA waged war and more bombs were dropped than in WWII.

"U.S. aircraft dropped more ordnance on Laos than on all countries during World War II, leaving Laos with about 78 million pieces of unexploded ordnance (UXO) by the end of the war.[101] Casualties continue to mount from UXO dropped by the U.S. and Laotian Air Forces from 1964 to 1973. It has been reported that, between 1964 and 1973, areas controlled by the invading North Vietnamese and Pathet Lao were hit by an average of one B‑52 bomb-load every eight minutes, 24 hours a day. Xiangkhouang Province was the most heavily bombed province. Thirty percent of bombs failed to explode immediately."

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The first acronym for regime change in Iraq was OIL: Operation Iraqi Liberation. Later got rebranded to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

We did free Iraqis from living on earth. And for that matter we continue to commit genocide all over the non-white world.

John Stockwell, the former CIA officer, talks how only the non-white world is targeted for genocides and regime change:


Over 4 million people were killed in Indonesia to overthrow Sukarno and in the aftermath. This was considered a major success.It was called the Jakarta Method and that playbook was rolled out to other countries.

We still do the same today all over the world. Our media just ignores it, or lies, or glosses over it, or just puts the blame elsewhere.

Millions were killed in Laos in the clandestine war. More bombs were dropped in Laos than in all of World War II:

“U.S. aircraft dropped more ordnance on Laos than on all countries during World War II, leaving Laos with about 78 million pieces of unexploded ordnance (UXO) by the end of the war.”

Obama got the Nobel and he committed genocide in multiple new countries adding to the legacy of W Bush.

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> because these powers know it's democratically impossible to be able to mobilze a draft for a ground war to defend your allies, so they're making their plays.

We ended the draft after the Vietnam war and had no problem invading, droning and bombing to the stone ages over 10 countries since then. We don’t need a draft to wage wars and blow up countries. Our national security budget is 1.2 trillion dollars (not the 750 billion headline number).

I don’t know what vacuum idea you are referring to? We have been tightening the noose around China since Obama term 2 and instigating riots in their province Hong Kong (which was forcibly leased by the white colonial power Britain in 1897 for a hundred years). Our consular staff were even involved in the protests organizations. Imagine foreign embassy staff involved with Antifa or BLM after George Floyd and the uproar that would surround it.

We instigated the Maidan revolution in Ukraine. Look up Victoria Nuland (wife of famed liar and neocon Robert Kagan - see bottom) and the ambassador Pyatt who was organizing the rioters.

Israel has had many successful attacks on and in Iran over many decades. From blowing up people to government facilities to covert cyberattacks to attacking Iranian ships on a regular basis.

and so much more......

And it goes without saying that we have surrounded all these countries with military bases and armed their adversaries to the teeth.

And then all the secret wars we wage and the millions we kill:

If you want to make predictions on the next countries we are going to attack and bomb it is quite easy. Follow the DC pro-war think tanks (all of them with the notable exception of the new entrant Quincy Institute) and their keyboard commandoes. They will manufacture every lie possible for their agenda and the press will follow them suit (too many examples like Iraq etc...). Victoria Nuland’s husband is the famed liar and neocon Robert Kagan who said that anyone who said that Bush lied about WMD is a conspiracy theorist.

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