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davidw · 2019-03-08 · Original thread
If you're interested in older Silicon Valley history,

In Search of Stupidity: Over Twenty Years of High Tech Marketing Disasters ( )

is pretty good, although he gets some things pretty wrong himself, like the rise of open source.

da02 · 2018-09-15 · Original thread
Any more anecdotes? "In Search of Stupidity" by Rick Chapman covers stupidity before digital nomads (

But, it sounds like digital nomadry is a tool being misused like other tools in this Dilbert-esque environment you work in. How do I get a job in this marketing dept.? I have NO experience in marketing, but my common sense is good half the time. I'm sure I can make fewer blunders than the current team.

jszymborski · 2016-12-22 · Original thread
One of my favorites this year, particularly in non-fiction, is In Search of Stupidity by Merril R. Chapman [0]. It's an amazing look at the history of microcomputers and the ensuing software market with a particular eye on what made certain companies fail.

Chapman worked for sometime in sales and later product management at MicroPro (WordStar), Ashton-Tate, Novell, etc... so it has quite an "inside-look" feel and the subject matter sounds like it's treated fairly.

The narrative is quite the page-turner for a non-fiction book, but my only qualm with it is that Chapman can be pretty sophomoric and unnecessarily gratuitous in his lampooning and shaming of business leaders or strategies which flirts with undermining the otherwise really insightful analysis.

It's a little dated (Microsoft is still king and Apple the scrappy underdog), but I think it's an important context for anyone following tech today.


Gustomaximus · 2016-03-30 · Original thread
In Search of Stupidity: Over Twenty Years of High Tech Marketing Disasters

teh_klev · 2015-07-07 · Original thread
"Casting The Net" is a good companion book to "Where Wizards Stay Up Late" already mentioned here:

Again, and already mentioned, "The Soul of a New Machine" by Tracy Kidder is a great read. It's a particular favourite what with being an ex-Data General field engineer (maintained and fixed Nova 3/4 and Eclipse S/130/140's and associated peripherals).

I can also recommend "In Search of Stupidity:Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters" which about how the old giants of the early PC software industry (Ashton Tate, MicroPro et al) made colossal mistakes resulting in their extinction.

davidw · 2014-03-07 · Original thread
This reads a bit like something from

albeit with more focus on the features and less on what led Quark to screw up.

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