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spodek · 2020-08-08 · Original thread
The article mentioned Merchants of Doubt. I recommend following it up with Industrial Strength Denial, which documents similar practices supporting industries like leaded gas, radium (promoted for health including injecting it and using it in suppositories), and slavery.

As an alternative to Oatly, I bought a soy milk making machine (used from Craig's List for $15). Like a rice cooker, it's not necessary but it does the job easily. It can work with rice, oats, cashews, etc. I make new soy milk every few days. Ingredients: soy beans and water.

The article doesn't mention the packaging, another similarity with Coke, but food packaging creates a lot of waste. Buying soy beans in bulk in reusable bags reduces a lot of that pollution.

Another great alternative to Oatly is water -- for hundreds of thousands of years the only beverage humans drank after weaning.

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