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seanlinehan · 2015-03-26 · Original thread
I would definitely recommend How to Win Friends and Influence People as an addition to the list. I'd say that learning how to deal with people and communicate ideas effectively is at least as important as learning how to think.

This is also a book I recommend reading, re-reading, and then re-reading again for people of all ages.

Edit: I'd also probably recommend Innumeracy[0] which is a fun book about dealing with numbers. It has some pretty great strategies for coming up with good back-of-napkin estimations which is a pretty useful skill.


ltnately · 2013-05-06 · Original thread
Really good book on the subject that deals with why/ramifications of a society that's okay with "I can't do math" as a reasonable thing for an otherwise educated person.

Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences John Allen Paulos

Retric · 2012-11-29 · Original thread
I think it was a comment about Mathematical Illiteracy. Many people have little idea what X% more / less actually means.

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