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rkda · 2014-03-23 · Original thread
I'm using Interactive Data Visualization for the Web by Scott Murray

You can read it for free at Oreilly's Chimera labs

tinsel · 2013-05-29 · Original thread
This is the gentlest introduction to d3 out there.

Run through the book and you will have a solid foundation to start playing around on your own for basic visualizations and charts.

This was also posted on HN a while back:

d3 is not dependant on jquery and covers a lot of the same basic DOM manipulation. You also need to learn some super basic css to theme things.

danso · 2012-11-26 · Original thread
FYI, every day at O'Reilly is 50 percent off ebooks. If you're a logged in member, one of the perpetual in house ads will be for a code for "Buy 1 ebook, get 1 free"

Also FYI, the most recent purchase I made was a book that made HN's front page last week: interactive Data Vizualization for the Web. And I highly recommend it

shashashasha · 2012-11-26 · Original thread
Scott Murray has published some great tutorials on D3.js (, and has an O'Reilly book on "Interactive Data Visualization for the Web" that's about it as well:

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