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CodeSheikh · 2018-10-02 · Original thread
This is a wrong statement on so many levels: "By learning C, you can learn how computers work". I am glad you did write an article but honestly you did not have to go to this length to explain your case. Anyone who says that learning C is a prereq. for understanding Computer architecture then my friend the advice is not coming from a right place. One reason I can think of is why author got confused is because a lot of freshman courses use C programming language in order to explain the computer architecture.

e.g. use this textbook:

This course starts with assembly language and then use C as the first programming language in order to understand computer architecture. C is the de-facto language when it comes to teaching embedded systems (think limited HW resources like memory etc).

Learn Assembly to learn how computer works!

zerohp · 2014-01-08 · Original thread
A similar textbook[0] is used at UIUC in the Computer Engineering curriculum. I've read both books and I think this one is better, but its not free and its priced like a textbook[1].

[0] [1]

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