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ultrasounder · 2019-01-09 · Original thread
Execution of a determinant. [0]

Always love it when a professor can bring in some comic relief in the midst of a very heavy math topic. The students seem to enjoy it. I am self-teaching myself background math for preparing me to the likes of PRML-Bishop, and I wholeheartedly recommend his Linear algebra course available on MIT Courseware[1] coupled with his book[2]

[0] [1] [2]

Yadi · 2018-10-01 · Original thread
In machine learning, hands down these are some of the best related textbooks:

- [0] Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (Information Science and Statistics)

and also:

- [1] The Elements of Statistical Learning

- [2] Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction by Barto and Sutton

- [3] The Deep Learning by Aaron Courville, Ian Goodfellow, and Yoshua Bengio

- [4] Neural Network Methods for Natural Language Processing (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies) by Yoav Goldberg

Then some math tid-bits:

[5] Introduction to Linear Algebra by Strang

----------- links:

- [0] [PDF](

- [0][AMZ](

- [2] [amz](

- [2] [site](

- [3] [amz](

- [3] [pdf](

- [4] [amz](

- [5] [amz](

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