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adem · 2014-04-05 · Original thread
I think this list is missing some important parts of computer science.

Here are the books that our university uses for first-year students combined with books that I found to be useful:

Introduction to Programming (using Eiffel) [1]

Mathematics for Computer Science (or: Discrete Mathematics) [2]

Introduction to Datastructures and Algorithms [3]

Introduction to Digital Design [4]

Parallel Programming (using Java) [5]

Optional but highly recommended, you'll probably find it completely out of scope:

Real Analysis I [6]

Real Analysis II [7]

Introduction to Linear Algebra [8]

Introduction to Physics [9]










alecdibble · 2012-03-25 · Original thread
Subject: Linear Algebra Recommendation: Introduction to Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang Reason: Strang presents the subject so clearly and intuitively that you feel like an expert on the subject after reading each chapter. It is by the far the best textbook I have encountered. He is also an excellent teacher and offers the lecture notes to the corresponding MIT class online.



achompas · 2011-09-13 · Original thread
The course is taught by Gilbert Strang, who has written an excellent introductory textbook on the subject:

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