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randcraw · 2017-02-08 · Original thread
The texts that I hate least (LA and I have a long and rocky relationship):

- Coding the Matrix, Klein This has a strong emphasis on LA's utility in CS, and includes concepts outside traditional LA that enrich the narrative.

- Intro to Linear Algebra, Strang Strang approaches LA from a practical less-theoretical angle, which makes it very sensible if you're an engineer but may not be as suitable if you're a mathematician.

- Linear Algebra, A Modern Intro, Poole This is a solid text that has worked out most of its bugs over the editions.

- Linear Algebra and its Applications, Lay Like Poole, this is also a solid and long running text.

The books by Klein and Strang also benefit from free videos of those courses that are available from Coursera/BrownU and MIT OCW. Klein's is also available on the Kindle.

x0x0 · 2016-07-24 · Original thread
You'd probably like Strang. He's an mit professor who shared his linear algebra course lectures. They're excellent.

A one-edition back version of his book _Introduction to Linear Algebra_ is available for under $30.

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