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ezliu · 2010-04-05 · Original thread

are both very good general resources.

Investments is a very broad approach that covers a lot of markets and basics and how things work. Very accessible to complete beginners.

The Hull is an introductory text and a great reference source to keep handy. You'll need to be slightly mathy to get it, but I suspect most HN readers will feel at home.

brianlash · 2008-07-17 · Original thread
jon_dahl is dead on. Understand Malkiel's Random Walk and the rest is details.

But for a really thorough discussion of those details check Investments by Bodie, Kane and Marcus ( My corporate finance prof encouraged me to look into it, then it was required reading for an economics course I took later. I understand it's the standard-bearer in most finance departments, so there's no going wrong if you're willing to work through the technical parts.

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