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kingcharles · 2022-01-05 · Original thread
Ooo.. hard question. I read a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. There were only fiction books available in the jail libraries, so that was the bulk of my reading. In fiction my favourites were probably the Southern Reach trilogy and the 3 Body Problem trilogy. I also really liked Shantaram.

In non-fiction some of my favourites were several biographies of people who had conquered Everest. Superhuman by Dave Asprey. And this one:

I did make a list of every book I read but the jail destroyed it. I feel for the author of Shantaram: "His manuscript was destroyed twice by a prison guard, each time after he had written between 300 to 400-odd pages. Referring to this in interviews, Roberts said the guard was "a very harsh critic", remarking that "if you get past something like that, you can take some criticism when you get it from book reviewers.”"

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