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zepto · 2021-09-09 · Original thread
> There is no substantial, mainstream group advocating for this.

No true Scotsman is transgender, either.

> This is the subject of conservative misinformation[1].

It’s also the subject of high quality investigative reporting:

> Children cannot get irreversible surgery in the US. They may be given puberty blockers, which are completely reversible

The effect of delaying puberty until adulthood is irreversible and we don’t have studies that rule out long term side effects.

> and only until they're adults and able to make a decision for themselves.

Ok - so the decision to medically alter the course of their development is made for them, at a time when you admit they are not able to decide for themselves.

> And none of this happens without the consent of a board-certified physician who is under oath (and the threat of lawsuit and/or losing malpractice insurance) not to do anything to harm the patient.

Which is increasingly happening in other countries.

And why does a doctor get to make this decision without the parents?

> Why are doctors deciding that minors with healthy genitalia need to have them surgically altered?

> Also, wait until you hear about circumcision. You're going to be really outraged at the surgical alteration of minors with healthy genitalia then!

I am in fact outraged at the practice of circumcision. Aren’t you?

I do not agree. How is that transphobic? Is the action of inviting an author motivated by irrational fear of trans people? Are the views[1] of the author irrational and based in fear of trans people?

My understanding is the author is skeptical of the rise in reported cases of gender dysphoria over time. She contends that the rise in cases is partly a result of tangential social influences that are ultimately detrimental do development of kids. Rational skepticism is not phobia.


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