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Animats · 2019-01-18 · Original thread
"It's Your Ship"[1] is more directly applicable. That's by a captain who turned around a troubled US Navy surface warship.

I'm amazed that serving naval officers flunked a quiz on the Rules of the Road, and even more amazed that the XO of the ship refused to take such a quiz. That's so basic. It's the driver's handbook for ships. See rules 11-19, which are about How Not To Run Into Other Ships. These are simple right of way rules. There's a one-page summary in "Power Boating for Dummies."[3] That anyone on the bridge of a US Navy vessel would not know these is terrifying. That the Navy brass tried to cover that up is worse.




lazyjones · 2012-12-25 · Original thread
Someone recommended this - at first I thought the title sounded too cheesy, but then again I already had plenty of (bad) management books, so I gave it a try:

While not featuring any groundbreaking ideas, it's convincing and straight to the point.

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