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nmg · 2017-11-28 · Original thread
In the talk "Clojure Concurrency" [1], Rich Hickey demands that everyone in the room read "Java Concurrency in Practice" [2]. "It will scare the crap out of you."

[1] [2]

optimusclimb · 2015-12-30 · Original thread
You could probably read this decade old book:

and it'd be a good start. It's in "boring" old Java, but it goes over a lot of the meat and potatoes concepts.

nickik · 2014-11-28 · Original thread
I have probebly not done much Java Concurrency. Sure you can simulate CSP with Blocking Queues but since you bind real threads you will run into tons of problems.

Why dont we ask Brian Goetz a Java Language Architect how "easy" it is, read his book [1] and then lets talk again how easy it is.


adem · 2014-04-05 · Original thread
I think this list is missing some important parts of computer science.

Here are the books that our university uses for first-year students combined with books that I found to be useful:

Introduction to Programming (using Eiffel) [1]

Mathematics for Computer Science (or: Discrete Mathematics) [2]

Introduction to Datastructures and Algorithms [3]

Introduction to Digital Design [4]

Parallel Programming (using Java) [5]

Optional but highly recommended, you'll probably find it completely out of scope:

Real Analysis I [6]

Real Analysis II [7]

Introduction to Linear Algebra [8]

Introduction to Physics [9]










chuhnk · 2012-12-27 · Original thread
I found Java Concurrency in Practice to be a pretty solid read.

fogus · 2010-07-12 · Original thread
#1. "Java Concurrency in Practice"

#2. ... hmm, that might be it.

icey · 2009-06-20 · Original thread
I'm shocked that Java Concurrency in Practice isn't in the list:

I only know about that book because of Rich's mentions of it.

To be honest, I"m also a little surprised that the Pickaxe book is in the list. Not that Ruby isn't the bees knees; it just didn't strike me as being influential on Clojure.

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