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damosneeze · 2016-12-13 · Original thread
* Video: Practical JavaScript. I haven't gone through this myself but I've heard good things.

* Comprehensive lesson-based: FreeCodeCamp. An easier, piecemeal option with plenty of hints and guides. Disclosure: My business partner is the CTO of FCC

* Video: JavaScript30 by Wes Bos. 30 Vanilla JS Challenges. Wes is a fantastic teacher and this is his newest series. I haven't gone through it myself but I've taken his other lessons and been pleased, so I feel somewhat confident in recommending this.

* You don't know JS: A series of free lessons on JS

* $ Book: O'Reilly JS Pocket Reference. If you already know how to program, this can help you understand JS in a very short amount of time. Obviously you will need to practice to really get it, but this helped me to understand a lot of things very quickly. Great for train commute or downtime reading:

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