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deckyt · 2013-03-12 · Original thread
I've been reading "JavaScript Web Applications" by Alex MacCaw and it provides a great introduction to MVC and a number of popular client-side frameworks. It also contains a ton of best practice advice for general JavaScript development. Definitely worth checking out.

8ig8 · 2012-07-24 · Original thread
The author of Spine wrote this book:
rahuldave · 2012-02-09 · Original thread
Yes, thanks!, this is fabulous, between the backbone recipes book ( and this, and the absolutely fabulous book by Alex McGaw (author of Spine,, my JS app mojo has been steadily improving!
kachhalimbu · 2012-01-05 · Original thread
The best I have found for advanced javascript to be is "Secrets of the Javascript Ninja"[1] by John Resig and Bear Bibeault. Highly recommended. Currently I am reading "Javascript web applications"[2] by Alex MacCaw and it seems to be well written and to the point as well.

[1] [2]

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