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iKnowKungFoo · 2011-10-18 · Original thread
1. Learn JavaScript (the language)

2. Learn jQuery (a JavaScript library)

3. Learn SQL (the language)

4. Pick an implementation

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle


After that, most application development languages are just syntax. Pick what feels best.

Learn how to use Ajax to tie client-side requests to server-side requests and you're marketable.

csmeder · 2010-07-10 · Original thread
I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean by web design. So lets start there.

a. The look: the graphic design of the page.

b. The interaction: Usability and UX

c. Designing and coding with good software design principles.

d. Some thing else?

I can point you to some good books for b. or c., however a. is the holy grail. I have never found a good book on web design from a graphic design perspective. That said Ill share with you what I would consider the closest I have found.


a. (Web site Graphic Design)

* The non Designer's design book -

* Visual Language for Designers -

* Tuft's Envisioning Information -

* I have found some good online articles


b. (Usability and UX)

* Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks -

* The Design of Sites: Patterns for Creating Winning Web Sites -

* And again Tuft's Envisioning Information -

* Information Design Workbook


c. (software design and coding)

* Bulletproof Web Design -

* Handcrafted CSS -

* jQuery in Action -

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