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slackson · 2012-03-26 · Original thread
A large part of learning how to lucid dream is learning what clues there are that you might be dreaming, and making it a habit to check whether or not you're dreaming. I think the idea when it comes to avoiding the biases is learning to identify when and how you're making these biases. Go through the list of biases and think of specific examples from the past few days for as many of them as possible, and check if they've been affecting you. Keep repeating this so you learn what it feels like when those biases are affecting you and so you can avoid it in the future. Also make it a habit to check your reasoning before committing to decisions, to see if you can identify any biases soon after they've been committed and before they can do any damage. This is all speculation. Feel free to ignore any of this advice, especially since I haven't consciously followed it myself.

There are also books that supposedly help with effective decision making, such as Judgment in Managerial Decision Making. I haven't tried any, so I can't recommend any in particular. I'm sure there are recommendations out there.

jasonshen · 2011-10-21 · Original thread
One great book on behavioral economics that's based on a lot of research and experimental data is

Came highly recommended from a Stanford professor and is one of the most "meaty" books on the topic.

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