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lucisferre · 2020-04-16 · Original thread
Lean kanban was never meant for project management, it is a process management and demand leveling technique.

Agile card boards like this bear little resemblance to Kanban, but the name caught on with the original Kanban software book. It is still a decent book though, and does in fact cover many of the principles of lean kanban. That said, I've rarely met a team using a kanban board that is familiar with the book or the principles of kanban.

diegojromero · 2017-03-26 · Original thread
Besides what others have commented, I'd like to point some more metrics that help you model your board:

- Task classes.

- Lead time.

- Cycle time.

- Number of backward movements for any list.

- Cumulative card evolution.

There are some good books about this subject:

- David J. Anderson's Kanban (

- Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction (

Shameless plug: checkout my personal project DjangoTrelloStats that measures these metrics for you: (include a somewhat Trello synchronization tool).

adrianhoward · 2013-09-16 · Original thread
My usual list of book recommendations is as follows:

For general practical guides I'd look at one or both of:

* "Practices of an Agile Developer", which talks about various practices in a fairly methodology independent way. The reason I really like it is that it has some excellent pointers for checking when adoption is/isn't working.

* "The Art of Agile Development" is another nice book in a similar vein. This is more process-prescriptive though (they're talking about a varient of Extreme Programming)

I'd also also take the time to read the seminal books on the two most important (in my opinion) agile methods:

* Agile Software Development with Scrum - the book that formalized Scrum

* Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change - the book that formalized XP. Read both the first and second editions if you get a chance. They're interestingly different.

I'd also add the various books on Lean by Mary & Tom Poppendieck and also 'Kanban' by David J Anderson to the list as well.

You might also find these of interest:

* The Scrum Guide -

* The Agile Atlas -

* The Agile Alliance's Guide to Agile Practices -

lots of useful info there ;-)

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