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camjohnson26 · 2021-10-15 · Original thread
Trust busting can seem like it’s anti free market, but when a company has a monopoly on a network it stops functioning as a company and basically becomes a government. The problem with Facebook/Amazon/Google is that they have a monopoly on a specific information network, for Facebook the social graph, internet discoverability for Google, and online shopping for Amazon. It’s similar to if a single company owned the road systems or the internet, since the structure of these networks means that competitors can’t exist, there can only be one network for it to have value, so the first company to build it will have a monopoly and be able to indefinitely milk it for a profit.

The same thing happened with railroad barons in the 1800s and also in other areas of the economy, and the trust busting response the government took seems to have worked well to bring back a fair market. Government should keep the information networks predictable and accessible.

This is a core theme in George Gilder’s controversial but imho extremely insightful book Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing our World:

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