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raesene9 · 2017-08-20 · Original thread
If you want to get started with Kubernetes I'd recommend either, Kelsey Hightower's Kubernetes the hard way ( which is a good way to start getting an understanding of the various components and how they fit together or, if you want to try out running workloads on a cluster, Kubeadm (

If you're interested in books on the topic, I like Kubernetes in Action ( or Kubernetes: Up and running (

One of the challenges with Kubernetes is that it's pretty fast moving, so it's a good idea to work with resources that are up to date. I know a last commit from May doesn't seem very old but that's going to a least be missing 1.7 and could be missing 1.6 or earlier as well.

crb · 2016-09-09 · Original thread
The singular Kelsey Hightower has written "the" book:

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