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Check out Language in Thought and Action, written by an immigrant to Canada who worked his way up to being a US Senator.

superk · 2013-01-17 · Original thread
Highly recommend this book:

Which talks in detail about the "informative" and "affective" connotations of words (it's a lot more entertaining than it sounds). Only slightly related, but I was just reading in the book how we have the terms "light meat" and "dark meat": because ladies and gentleman in 19th century Britain couldn't bring themselves to say "leg", "thigh" or "breast" – even of a chicken!

lhnz · 2012-10-14 · Original thread
I've read Impro and it's a great book.

There is another book that I want to recommend to other Hacker News readers and that is 'Language in Thought and Action' by S.I. Hiyakawa[0]. Honestly, reading that changed my life.


awakeasleep · 2012-06-30 · Original thread
Hey man the argument you seem to be a part of here (both sides) seems really dualistic and considering how poorly concepts and events in real life fit binary interpretations, I think you could reduce your stress by taking a broader approach.

Book I loved on the subject:

awakeasleep · 2011-01-30 · Original thread
If you liked this list, you might be interested in:

Language in Thought and Action by S I Hayakawa

The Art of Conversation

And Ben Franklin's Autobiography

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