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mindcrime · 2012-08-27 · Original thread
Worst programming book? Easy, it's this one:

Learn OLE DB Development With Visual C++ 6.0

I bought this back in like 2000-2001 or so, when I was doing a lot of C++ programming on Windows, and needed to do some work with ADO and OLEDB. Uuuugggghhh...

My review on Amazon from back then still pretty much reflects how I feel about this book:

Before buying this book, I was a little angry about the lack ofquality documentation on using OLE DB and ADO in C++. After buyingthis book, I am STILL angry about the lack of quality documentation on using OLE DB and ADO in C++, AND I'm angry about being out the bucks I spent on it. This book misses the mark on (what I took to be) it's intended audience, badly. Hardly a book for a beginner to learn the subject, it's just a rehash of reference material available elsewhere. Why, oh why, does Amazon not have a rating of 0 stars for these reviews? END

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