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jpincheira · 2018-07-31 · Original thread
I learned to program with a book called Learn to Program from the great publisher Pragmatic Programmers around 2011 All I knew was just like you: some HTML/CSS, and unziping and embedding jquery plugins. Here's a link to the book

I'd go for that and some JS on the side but if you got an iPad, I'd definitely try Swift with the Playgrounds app.

techiferous · 2010-01-26 · Original thread
In order to accelerate learning, I believe it is best to try to learn one concept at a time. That's why I like to introduce people to the LOGO programming language if it's their very first programming language. It introduces many basic concepts that we programmers take for granted, for example:

* the fact that a computer will take everything you do literally and can't read your mind

* commands

* sequential iteration of commands

* loops

* conditionals

It's also easy to get quick results which keeps an early learner from getting discouraged. Once the learner is bored with LOGO, then you take them to a more powerful language. Ruby is nice because--even though it can get complex--you can start off very simple.

I would recommend this book for learning Ruby as a first language:

mattyfo · 2009-11-16 · Original thread
Hey there, I've (re)learned to program over the course of the past year, listening to what your've said these are three books I think can help:

Start with Learn To Program 2nd edition as it will get you familiar with programming concepts. (I worked halfway through this book before I realized I understood most all of it)

Next I feel Beginning Ruby is a good place to get in depth with Ruby (I'm still getting into this book)

Last is Simply Rails 2 which is one big long Rails tutorial and will take you through the process of building a Rails app (it took me about two weekends to work through and has given me rudimentary understand of Rails)

In addition, as other people have recommended you should try small programming exercises when you have a chance. For further brain teasers, I recommend working through the exercises in

Well there's a specific lesson plan that I think is geared towards your business goals. I'm not sure what your time constraints are like but if you spend some uninterrupted time with these books you should be able to tackle them no problem.

Anyhow, good luck, I hope you find the time amongst everything else to dive into this material.

PS Programming is a lifelong project, give it time.

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