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ryanmarsh · 2018-11-04 · Original thread
Legacy of Ashes does a pretty good job to that end...

samstave · 2017-05-29 · Original thread
Met a guy recently and he recommended "The Way of the Knife":

and "Legacy of ashes"


I downloaded the ebook to WoTK -- reviews of it are good, but I haven't started reading it just yet.

>The CIA is the reason for most of the unstable regions

I recently read Legacy of Ashes[0], which I thought would be a sort of thrilling history of the spy game in America, but turned out to be a chronicle of blunder after blunder by the CIA. Fascinating stuff.

Having read that, I'm not naive enough to believe the cause of "most" global instability is due to the CIA; that's giving them far too much credit.


jfornear · 2012-06-19 · Original thread
> Imagine if the US Army wouldn't divulge the capabilities of a new fighter jet to the very people who were authorizing the money for its construction.

No need to imagine. This happens. Covert areas of defense spending have always been conducted in the dark, often with blank checks.

The military, NSA, CIA, etc. are in the game of accumulating hidden capabilities. This is the job the American people have given them, and yes, it is a constant arbitrage at odds with, among other things, their own privacy and fiscal responsibilities.

A fascinating read on this topic, regardless of accuracy:

MichaelSalib · 2011-01-17 · Original thread
You're arguing that the organization Mossad is acting irrationally.

No, I'm arguing that Mossad's claims about when Iran will have a weapon tell us nothing about the effectiveness of Stuxnet. This is a matter of logic.

I also don't know where this perception comes from

Reading books about intelligence Legacy of Ashes

Beyond that, this is really basic systems theory. Intelligence service oversight, at least in the US, is very lax. The people doing oversight know a lot less about operations than the people being overseen. So when they screw up, they can spin their nominal bosses so that no one gets fired or goes to jail. It is really hard to keep secret and highly compartmentalized organizations honest. The principal agent problem is a big deal.

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