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Leonardo Da Vinci's Biography by Walter Isaacson:

timonoko · 2020-08-16 · Original thread
This is truly amazing work. All possible shit is included, all art and drawings. Engineering solutions and fresco painting methods recorded and analyzed.

fsloth · 2018-08-23 · Original thread
"you can easily get the complete works of Shakespeare"

Leonardo was not a publisher. The works you could describe "complete" were either individual works of art or reproductions (by him or others).


And so on.

Leonardo kept notebooks for himself, and are filled with miscellanious topics as paper was expensive. The so called codices (Codex Atlanticus and the referred Codex Arundel, etc.) are collections of his notes.

The only published work that was graced by Leonardo's pen was the book "Of Golden ratio"[0] by Leonardo's friend, the mathematician Luca Pacioli, for which Leonardo provided illustrations of solids. You can find a digitized version here

The solid illustrations start at page 140.

While to modern eyes Leonardo's work may appear 'ordinary' it is infact groundbreaking - he innovated many of the things in visual presentation which we now accept as 'standard' or 'common'.

And to a physicist it is most astounding that he came up for example with Newton's third law and the law of friction in his studies hundreds of year before they enter the historical knowledgebase. Sadly he may have been history's greatest inventor and artist but he was also a procrastinator extraordinaire. He planned many books but never completed single one.

Yeah, Isaacson's biography of Leonardo was pretty awesome [1].

[0] [1]

The biography of Leonardo da Vinci, a beautiful and interesting book, - one to my collegue, one to my former colleague.

A stunningly beautiful edition of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? & A Scanner Darkly" by Philip K. Dick - to a friend of mine, a big PKD fun.

I love giving great books as a gift :)

rdslw · 2017-10-18 · Original thread
This article is a (one of many) in recent time due to promotion of new book:

Not to deny Leonardo's might, but quite similar to the pattern of (e.g.) more Depeche Mode songs on the radio signals new album/tour.

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