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fmntf · 2018-04-12 · Original thread
If you liked this story, I recommend you "Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology".

deepnet · 2015-08-10 · Original thread
The articles author, Johnjo Mcfadden and his collaborator, Jim Al Khalili, are proposing a new scientific discipline, Quantum Biology.

Here is McFaddens and Khalili's 1999 paper A quantum mechanical model of adaptive behaviour

It is an interesting new field and much more scholarly than the OP article allows.

They have a book which goes in depth and Jim has an excellent BBC tv show presenting the key ideas.

Here are Khalili's Royal Institution lecture, the book and tv show, which cover the same material in depth:

The IAS 2012 workshop on Quantum Biology has a number of presentations:

Here is Jim's 2012 presentation on the role of Quantum tunneling in Adaptive Genetic mutation.

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