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There is a real possibility that in the next few decades some of these therapies might work.

The book Lifespan by Dr David Sinclair is really interesting. Sinclair is a professor at Harvard. He's highly optimistic that something will come of the various ideas looking at slowing aging.

- More time is spent on taking care of loved ones

- Less time commuting (companies get better at managing a distributed work force)

- the 50% of people not connected to the internet start to get access

- wages are driven down globally by this additional 50% coming online creating more backlash in democracies.

- Increasingly countries will use China's great firewall tech to keep out Western influences and grow local internet competitors

- high speed internet gets deployed in war zones with drones and we understand why the US is against Chinese 5G companies.

- high speed internet (5G etc) means that many jobs that couldn't be off-shored are near shored for a mixture of tax and cost savings - taxi drivers, pilots, delivery trucks, fork lifts with a mixture of AI and people

- cashiers become sales people as stores fight against online sales

- percent of people working in manufacturing drops to 6.5% from 10.5%

- a group of people add 30% to their life span due to drugs that reproduce intermittent fasting and other drugs that seem to work on mice.

- China goes to 30% of world GDP and US reacts by going to cold war

- Japan builds up its military in reaction to china

- Housing manufacturing and education continue to not have productivity gains.

- Nuclear fusion is still not any closer to wide scale deployment

- Cities in Europe and Asia go E-bike friendly while Americans stick to their cars.

- The muslim world will become more pro-women's rights based on Saudi Arabia's lead

- Banks will stop touching cash except via ATMs and will convert branches into sales offices. Goldman Sachs in reaction merges with revolut.

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