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dagw · 2017-09-07 · Original thread
heyts · 2016-08-01 · Original thread
If you plan to use Django as an API server, you might be interested in Lightweight Django (, which shows you how to design and build an API server using Django, Django Rest Framework (another great Django related project) and Backbone on the front-end.
japhyr · 2016-02-26 · Original thread
You might take a look at Lightweight Django:
drbryanadams · 2015-01-12 · Original thread
I don't get it: why does moving to microservices mean ditching Django? Couldn't you take your Django monolith and break it into separate (still-Django) microservices? I get that Django is seen as "too heavyweight" to do such a thing, though there are literally books ( written about how to slim down Django.

I get that monolith to microservice is all the rage these days, I just don't understand (and the article doesn't really say) why you have to "ditch Django" to do that.

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