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winsome_dove · 2016-09-27 · Original thread
Lincoln was a manipulative political genius of the highest order but he was not a highly moral person in any respect.

Lincoln didn't want to free the slaves and even wanted to make slavery "irrevocable" (see Corwin Amendment). After the bombing of Ft. Sumpter he suspended habeas corpus, muzzled the press, and arrested hundreds for discussing secession. He arrested and imprisoned state legislators and even issued an arrest warrant for the chief justice of the supreme court when he did not do Lincoln's bidding. Luckily the US marshal given the warrant did not serve it.

Lincoln became a tyrant, putting himself above Congress, the Supreme Court and the Constitution.

Lincoln had severe mental problems. At that time they called it "melancholia". He would likely be unelectable today, although his tyrannical political bent matches that of the current executive (riding roughshod over the Congress and Supreme Court, administrative directives, secret arrests and tribunals, wire-tapping and eavesdropping of all US citizens w/o warrant) almost perfectly.

Suggested readings:

"When In the Course of Human Events" by Charles Adams

"Lincoln Unmasked: What You're Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe" by Thomas DiLorenzo

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