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zabzonk · 2021-06-09 · Original thread
Good book on linkers (though a bit dated, and definitely over-priced - worth buying S/H):
tcopeland · 2015-10-25 · Original thread
Not free, but an excellent book along the same lines, is John Levine's "Linkers and Loaders":

He's been the moderator of comp.compilers since 1986, so he's got a lot of practical Q&A experience to draw on.

mdaniel · 2015-05-31 · Original thread
I can't comment on its "goodness" but the textbook that sprang to mind is Linkers and Loaders:

The bad news is that it's from '99 but, as far as the foundations go, I can't imagine linkers back then were that different.

dedalus · 2008-03-14 · Original thread
The fundamental book to read would be "Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation" (

Then proceed to Dragonbook.

After finishing Dragonbook, you might like this Linkers and loaders (

In general follow this guy Jeff Ullman and you would be good(

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