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chollida1 · 2014-11-12 · Original thread
Maybe I'm getting jaded, but if you post a top books list and each book has an amazon referral code it makes me think you posted this to get money and not because it provides any value to people.

I guess the easiest test is to judge the list itself, and in my opinion money grab aside, the list fails on its own merits.

If you think about C# it has 3 good stories, its concurrency, Linq and the .net framework. This list doesn't even try to hit these areas. Instead it goes after tiered cliches like re-factoring and design patterns.

Has anyone read a re-factoring or design patterns book and got anything out of it? I've tried, heck I own a few of the books listed here and I wouldn't recommend it.

Its missing something on concurrency

Jon Skeet's excellent book on C#

The CLR via C#

Linq in action

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