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wrs · 2019-11-27 · Original thread
Amit Singh’s excellent book MacOS Internals: A Systems Approach [1] is a bit outdated now but still recommended if you’re interested in the workings of a non-Linux commercial OS.


pjmlp · 2019-06-30 · Original thread

- MacOS (pre-OS X)

"Revolution in the Valley"


Debatable about non-C non-Unixy part, but it surely isn't the focus of the whole stack.

"Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach"

- Oberon and its derivatives (1992 and 2013 versions, System 3, Insight ETHOS and A2)

- Symbian

"Symbian OS Internals: Real-time Kernel Programming"

"Symbian OS Platform Security: Software Development Using the Symbian OS Security Architecture"

"The Symbian OS Architecture Sourcebook: Design and Evolution of a Mobile Phone OS"

- Mesa and Mesa/Cedar

- JX


- Singularity,

- Barrelfish

- Midori,

"RustConf 2017 - Closing Keynote: Safe Systems Software and the Future of Computing"

"While never reaching commercial release, at one time Midori powered all of Microsoft’s natural language search service for the West Coast and Asia."


- Helios

- Muen

- GenodeOS

- Inferno

- Minix 3

- BeOS

"Be Developer's Guide"

"Be Advanced Topics"

- Windows

Not everything by a long shot, plenty more to re-discover like VMS,IBM i and Z, Unisys ClearPath, mbed,...

Just keep an open mind and don't idolatrize UNIX, yes it has a couple of good ideas, but they don't make it the be all end all of OS design.

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