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itissid · 2019-03-24 · Original thread
This looks awesome. But:

1. Grain of salt: contemporary research shows how learning has other facets that are also important like grit[1] (i.e. repetitive application of hard work that has the right direction).

2. Contemporary research suggests that when learning a new concept is made "easier" using such methods its more efficient. On the contrary this is only the first step. Learning is better when its harder, but harder in a very specific sense: recall and mixing different concepts in tests spaced appropriately is really the hard work[2]

3. Contemporary research is also very much against bucketing learning as just only about "Learning Styles", like learning with music, play and pictures for the very same reason as above.

I also love the WWC: Its a much standardize way look at what educational techniques pass muster in the real world. I wonder what similar to mathigon is present in WWC's list.

[1] [2]

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