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maroonblazer · 2018-10-01 · Original thread
Kotler's "Marketing Management" remains the most definitive text on the practice of marketing.

Many people - including some on HN - mistakenly equate marketing with only advertising or, more broadly, marketing communications. In truth that's only a small portion of the discipline.

xtracto · 2012-02-20 · Original thread
Not completely true. It is trivial to buy dead-tree books from (US) and send them to Mexico (books do not pay taxes when entering Mexico). I have done it for more than 10 years.

The real problem is the cost. Imagine that, if people in the USA, earning it US dollars think that a text-book ( costing USDd$168.72 is crazy. Imagine what people in Mexico (where the average yearly income is about USD$7,300) , India, China or other development countries think.

Quite simply, a lot of the people who pirate books are not a market for the publishers simply because it is impossible to pay.

Are they entitled to get such knowledge for free? legally, they are not. Morally... it is subjective.

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