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JohnBooty · 2018-05-04 · Original thread

    These days, it really seems like raising kids to deal with
    capitalism involves turning them into rabid frothy-mouthed 
    commies who only want to tear down the state and replace it 
    with non-work-required utopia

As a capitalist myself here's a book I really recommend:

I suspect you will walk away from it thinking the same thing most people do: Marx's criticisms of capitalism are absolutely vital and relevant to this day... and his solutions are even worse, and that capitalism is still probably the least terrible solution we've got. :)

But more to the point: there is no definition of socialism or communism that even remotely advocates this a "non-work-required utopia." It's all about work and workers!

(Now, in practice, socialist/communist societies wound up stratifying anyway, and elites often didn't exactly have to spend their days in a coal mine or shoveling pig shit like the commonfolk. But that's been pretty much true of every economic system under the sun since the beginning of mankind. So, even a cursory glance at history tells us that this is not a problem unique to socialism or communism.)

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