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gtani · 2017-10-20 · Original thread
also for all in 1 math for physics books, there's a bunch: Arfken et al., Mary Boas, Riley/Hobson /Bence etc:


These are sort of orthogonal to the OP's link, they're not covering analysis, abstract algebra and topology, instead they're covering dif eq, spectral analysis, probability/stats, linear algebra.

atondwal · 2013-01-06 · Original thread
This is extrordanarily good. For a similar, but more in depth covering of the same material I reccomend

[Osborne --- Advanced Mathematical Techniques: for Scientists and Engineers](

and for a much more indepth, but less pedagogically useful (more of a reference) [Arfken --- Mathematical Methods for Physicists, Seventh Edition: A Comprehensive Guide](

In addition anything by Penrose tends to target a lay audience, but quickly build up formalism and cover concepts interesting to even practicing physicists.

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