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hlship · 2023-01-17 · Original thread
Not quite a beginner book, but you should check out
thrower123 · 2020-02-11 · Original thread
Some good ones I don't see yet, which I like because they very much follow the organic path you might follow doing things incrementally, rather than presenting everything full-blown.

How to Make an RPG - Build a retro-style JRPG from scratch

Mazes for Programmers: Code Your Own Twisty Little Passages by Jamis Buck - covers a whole gamut of different maze generation algorithms. This author also has a great book on doing a raytracer step by step.

Rough Cut--Woodworking with Tommy Mac: 12 Step-by-Step Projects - very nice beginning woodworking book.

The Inform (6) Beginner's Guide - introduces the Inform 6 interactive fiction language through three successive text adventure games

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