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One of the great books I am currently reading is Meditations* by Marcus Aurelius. This book reminds me time and again not to worry about things that I don't control and only focus on things that I can. This book introduces Stoic philosophy and I am surprised it is not that popular among Tech community (rarely being mentioned in Best Books HN posts).

*There are many translations of this book and the one I feel is easy to read is the one by Gregory Hays:

jjbohn · 2014-11-09 · Original thread
This has become my preferred translation. It's a great modern translation and uses very approachable language. To me it reads much more like a journal than the other available translations.

countersixte · 2014-03-20 · Original thread
I recently read the Gregory Hays translation [1] and thought it was great. Meditations was Marcus Aurelius's "notes to self" and the Hays edition captures this informal nature. It makes for an easy and delightful read.


hvass · 2013-02-03 · Original thread
Following Ryan Holiday's recommendation (, I highly, highly advise you to go with the Gregory Hays' translation (!

I have a copy of Long's and it doesn't do it justice.

If you want to dive deeper consider Pierre Hadot's 'The Inner Citadel: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius" -

I am also fond of these YouTube lectures on the Meditations:

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