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cagenut · 2020-09-22 · Original thread
If it helps you triangulate these things, its worth keeping in mind that very little of these tactics (and even many of the actors!) are unique to the oil industry.

Merchants of Doubt [1] goes into the pattern in an almost legal/academic way:

Thank You For Smoking tells the same basic message but as a semi-satirical movie:

acqq · 2020-04-06 · Original thread
> Mostly academics like nutritionists, psychologists and so on.

So it's completely unrelated to the topics I refer to. What I refer to is:

Claiming that the misinterpretation of science happened only in the distant past is intentional attempt to obscure the real problem.

There is objective truth and it is far from what some people with a lot of money peddle as the truth and what gets replicated across the media. And the media definitely don't cover what effectively advertising campaigns are as such -- paid disinformation for the benefits of some specific corporations or interest groups.

codex · 2013-09-26 · Original thread
Public opinion is ambivalent on AGW largely due to the efforts of a small group of individuals which spreads FUD for the benefit of powerful interests. In the past, these same hired guns attempted to sway public opinion on acid rain, the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke, the ozone hole, global warming, the Strategic Defense Initiative, and the banning of DDT. I recommend the book Merchants of Doubt [1], which documents this in exacting detail.


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