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wrp · 2021-12-22 · Original thread
The books of William Uttal cover the issues of localization and neurological modeling at different levels of detail. The most popular I think is The New Phrenology[1] and the most technical is Mind and Brain[2]. A quote from the latter:

To sum up, the new metaphor proposed here asserts that it seems more likely in the light of current research that there are no demarcatable regions nor any regions of predetermined and fixed cognitive functionality in the brain; there are, rather, just "softly" bounded areas that may shrink, enlarge, or be recruited as the current task demands. Furthermore, none of these weakly bounded regions has any specific, preassigned, or fixed function. They all serve as general-purpose processing entities as required by whatever cognitive task is being processed. The whole notion of a place on the brain having a specific identifiable purpose has to be abandoned as an unreliable and outmoded metaphor.



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