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A few of them.

1. This book made all the patchwork ideas I had about the incompleteness theorem fall into place and click while I was doing my bachelors

2. This similarly solidified a lot of patchwork ideas I had about money

3. This didn't make the topic click but it shed light on the entire landscape after which anything I read on unicode made sense and filled up my mental map of the whole area

Money: The unauthorized biography by Felix Martin discusses money as social technology and its history
adaisadais · 2020-02-04 · Original thread
I would highly recommend Felix Martin’s “Money: The Unauthorized Biography” to anyone who is interested in the underlying subject of money.

Martin’s basic argument is that money is simply a social technology.

I don’t believe that bitcoin is the internet’s native “money” but I do believe it is the internet’s native “gold.” I believe future currencies (as some currently do) will peg their value to Bitcoin. However, once the first major corporation begins accepting bitcoin then it just might as well be what we classically view as “money”.

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