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arkham · 2013-10-04 · Original thread
The 2nd Edition of the MongoDB: The Definitive Guide from O'Reilly is one I can recommend (full disclosure: I was a technical reviewer on that edition).

For basics, the Little MongoDB Book ( is a bit dated at this stage, but a good starting point.

Finally, there are free MongoDB courses available at in various flavors of programming language, as well as an ops/DBA focused course.

Hi Michael,

from a development standpoint only, I like the fact that I don't have to write database migrations (as defined in Rails). It means I can iterate more quickly during the development.

As well for data aggregation kind of jobs (such as where I munge different-formatted data streams), it's really convenient to be able to mix datas that are partly equal, partly different, when it's relevant to you.

Edit: forgot to mention that MongoDB comes with a built-in geographical index (MySQL doesn't have it, I'm not sure for PostGres - I believe it's via some extension).

Edit2: forgot to mention I really appreciate the upsert abilities for what I do (

Edit3: anyone with some curiosity for MongoDB will appreciate this book: - well-written and concise

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