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nwatson · 2021-04-30 · Original thread
In Brazil and probably many other places a "hotel" is a reputable place of lodging to which you might take your family, a "motel" is where you go for whatever you might consider "illicit amorous encounters." I just found a book [1] that purports to explore the nature of motels in contemporaneous Brazil.

"..., continuam situados em um espaço liminar, associado à transgressão. Como o modelo de motel norte-americano - um simples hotel de beira de estrada - transformou-se em love hotel ao chegar ao Brasil no fim dos anos 1960?" ... "[motels] ... continue occupying the fringes, associated with transgression. How did the model of the North American motel - a simple hotel by the roadside, transform into a 'love hotel' when it arrived in Brazil at the end of the 1960s?"

Might be an interesting read, I always was curious about that as a teen.

[1] ... "Motel Brasil - Uma Antropologia Contemporanea"

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