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dekhn · 2021-04-13 · Original thread
Here ya go:

David Macaulay's illustrations are fantastic.

pgrote · 2020-06-19 · Original thread
Motel of the Mysteries is a great book for imagining what people in the future will think about what we leave behind.

dekhn · 2019-12-02 · Original thread (specifically, the section on excavating the bathroom).
duskwuff · 2019-06-04 · Original thread
If you enjoyed this, you might also like David Maculay's "Motel of the Mysteries", which imagines a 41st-century archaeologist attempting to interpret a 20th-century motel (and getting it hilariously wrong).

> Perhaps the single most important article in the chamber was the ICE (No. 14). This container, whose function evolved from the Canopic jars of earliest times, was designed to preserve, at least symbolically, the major internal organs of the deceased for eternity. The Yanks, who revered long and complex descriptions, called the container an Internal Component Enclosure.

thomble · 2015-07-28 · Original thread
If you enjoyed this, check out David Macauley's 'The Motel of the Mysteries'. This illustrated book describes the interpretation of a motel as excavated by archaeologists in the year 4022:

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