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nkurz · 2016-08-18 · Original thread
I only had one previous account, and it was banned as a result of that thread.

I appreciate the clear statement. My guess based on Dan's comments is that he thinks you are associated with other undisclosed accounts, and that this might explain some of the confusion as to what is acceptable discourse.

As to your other questions, you are losing the forest for the trees.

Possibly. Also possible that we are in different forests, or that I care more about trees than forests.

What I am saying is this:

Thanks, I will read and consider. At a glance, I think it reflects my beliefs as well. I read the "Ant and the Peacock" long ago, but don't recall the specifics of her argument.

My favorite book in this area, which I think is compatible with Cronin, is Sarah Blaffer Hrdy's "Mother Nature": If you haven't read it, I'm guessing you'd love it.

Hrdy also wins my personal award for "Best Evolutionary Development Theorist That's Been Almost Completely Ignored". Happily that seems to be changing a bit recently, with her work finally starting to get respect:

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