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Previously, decades ago, the state of the art in roulette cheating:
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The Newtonian Casino talks about some students who designed a predicting computer, and smuggled it into a casino in their shoe. It was published in 1985, so anything they built would have been considerably less powerful than a smart phone, even one that several years old.

(It's a great book, and probably available).

One interesting part of the book was that croupiers knew the wheels so well that they were able to spin them, and throw the ball to land predictably.

EDIT: In the US it's called "The Eudaemonic Pie"

> The book focuses on a group of University of California, Santa Cruz, physics graduate students (known as the Eudaemons) who in the late 1970s and early 1980s designed and employed miniaturized computers, hidden in specially modified platform soled shoes, to help predict the outcome of casino roulette games. The players knew, presumably from the earlier work of Shannon and Thorp,[1][2] that roulette wheels obey Newtonian physics, and that by capturing the state of the ball and wheel and taking into account peculiarities of the particular wheels being played they could increase their odds of selecting a winning number to gain a 44 percent advantage over the casinos.[3]

DanBC · 2012-02-19 · Original thread
An interesting article.

Some of those things are mentioned in the classic hacker book "The Newtonian Casino"


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