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vabmit · 2013-08-01 · Original thread
Navy Seal Leak: _No_Easy_Day_ available from Amazon: (Notice how he makes no mention of ISA even being there, or doing any SSE).

I don't recall the source of the Executive comment. It was kind of buried in a news piece with a broad focus that I read. I'll look for it. Unfortunately, I can't recall the exact language to do a good search and find it. Sorry.

But, here they are saying they have it, it's encrypted, and they can get it in "weeks or months" (despite the large number of drives/filesystems with presumably different keys):

The Executive and Legislature couldn't keep something secret to save their lives. And, JSOC leaks like a fucking sieve. If I can't find that particular leak on the web, I'm sure there will be another one soon with the same info. Every guy likes to talk to pretty news reporters and seem important.

Claimed 75%+ success rate attacking Chinese systems:

Asrar al-Mujahideen (the Jihadi PGP fork w/ 2048bit RSA):

The news coverage sucks something awful. The thing is having enough knowledge of mil/ir/tech/math to put all the leaks together.

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