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gr3yh47 · 2018-04-30 · Original thread
I'm not sure you understand the specificity of the mosaic hygienic laws to which I'm referring, but a bit of research into the knowledge of the time coupled with a close look at the high level of detail given in the law shows that no, human origin is not the more rational conclusion.

>It seems that the grandparent comment is starting from the premise that god exists and looking for evidence to support the conclusion they already hold.

it seems that you are assuming anything affirming God must be irrational and therefore state that I must be approaching this irrationally. And your comment seems to come from a lack of familiarity with the history and writings in question (i.e. it's not just oh let's not eat pork because those people get sick)

I encourage anyone who finds the concept interesting to check out this book:

gr3yh47 · 2018-04-25 · Original thread
This is tangental but, incidentally, the hygienic laws of the Jewish people encompass far more than just not eating pork, and most of the wisdom in obeying those laws for health reasons far surpasses any knowledge at the time.

Some modern physicians wrote a book about this called 'None of these diseases'

To me the rational conclusion given the information above is that those laws really did come from a source of knowledge higher than the totality of human knowledge at the time.

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