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susi22 · 2013-06-18 · Original thread
Daniel Solove also wrote a longer version of this in his book:

01Michael10 · 2012-12-23 · Original thread
I hope the posting of a mobile link is not a new trend. Here is the Amazon link of the book for people who prefer to view the Internet on screens larger then 4"...

koide · 2012-11-21 · Original thread
Do you even know what a chilling effect is? What does the appearance of Google or Facebook have to do with it?

I'm not personally scared, but I understand what the problems with this kind of laws (bad, vague ones) are. The problems almost disappear when everything works as expected.

The real problem which you ignore is that laws of this sort give the authorities a big loophole for abuse (which probably is not what has happened to weev, but that's not what I'm discussing.) If you think that's not a worry, I envy your worldview.

That said, I fully agree that more formal action should be taken, contacting EFF and congressmen and whatnot. But writing about it can motivate people who were not in the know to act, it's not just empty "sound and fury."

I recommend this book that's somewhat related to this problem:

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